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by Richard

Highly welcome your concern in writing for colbertondemand.com. A list of home improvement and relevant topics is our main category. Besides, other articles related to family and pet care are acceptable. Visit https://colbertondemand.com/ for more details.

We would like to see your articles about home improvement with your useful advice based on your own experience.

What are our expectations?

Refer articles on our website to know and get familiar with our writing style and format.

Captivate readers with your creative and attractive topic.

Make sure your contents are unique. We only accept ones that have never been written or published before. Put a heart on what you do and send us the best quality products.

Before sending your articles, please carefully check the grammar and accurate information. Otherwise, they are not acceptable.

Guest posting is immediately checked and approved.

What gets approved?

Your content must be intensive, informative which helps solve the problems that readers are looking for. It should meet the requirements of being strategic and tactical. Also, you need to understand the style of how-to posts.

After quoting information, you should link back the resources/sources, and they must be reliable to prove your claims and concepts.

Make your readers understand the information you are conveying by giving specific situations and related instance.

Target the potential audience for your post and communicate with them in mind.

You’d better ensure that every image, video, or any other media that you have quoted does not break any copyright laws.

The link you add must be useful and relevant to the information in the post. Otherwise, they will be eliminated. Do not pad keywords. Keep away from self-advertising.

Keeping the editor happy

You can save the time of publishing the post by following all the directions above. Specifically, when all the steps are in order, the editor can perform their checking process effortless, and publish the post quicker. Please ensure the readability flag for SEO below the content is green before posting your writings, so that the editor will know your post does not need further adjustment.

What you’ll get

Backlinks to your blog will be offered for each post submitted here.

Since Colbertondemand.com is an effective and growing blog, you can take advantage of exposing to a high degree of targeted traffic.

Raise exposure, traffic, faithful readers, and SEO for your post.

Submission steps

From our categories, choose the topic of what you are going to write.

Come up with your idea and start writing.

We only accept the length of the article for at least 600 words.

 Also, attach a writer’s bio for about 50 – 70 words in the email.

We receive all guest posts via the email richard@mygreenerylife.com.

The article will be publicized soon if it is a superb one and meets our anticipated demand.

You may have to wait for the publication as there are hundreds of submissions sent to us each week.

If you do not receive our response after fourteen days, it means your article does not meet our requirements. You then can freely use it for other places.

Categories are allowed on Colbertondemand.com

  • Guest Post or Write for us On Home Improvement
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Pet Care
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Gardening
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Pest Control


Can I send my written articles?

We need unique content on our website, so it’s better not to send the written ones.

Can I send article ideas?

Sure, but we do not only looking forward to just ideas. You should express your thoughts in a complete article to let us know how you can put them into effect. We expect to see your articles with promising titles.

How should I format my writing?

Visit our site and refer to useful articles. They can help you.

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